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Whenever or wherever he is…Alexander oppa never leave his trademark : FOUNTAIN HAIR!! ❤ ~^^~

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From Manager’s Twitter~

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From U-kissism
Sherman Chung & U-KISS Alexander will sharing the stage with music on this Friday at the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Dragon Boat Association’s “life force drink Paradise”, by the HKTB, activities will be held on the 3 days, Sherman afraid how to communicate with other singers.

due to typhoon in hong kong, tomorrow dargon boat racing will be cancelled. don’t know if there any changes of sunday schedule now…..

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(dream team 2 with Loretta Chow)

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2010.07.02 금/Dream 04:23

Hyung It’s because we are sending you off now so it’s raining too
I’m trying to turn everything back to normal
But today, only today, please let me be upset
Please be happy at where you are hyung
You can come and find me in my dreams too ^^

Trans (ch) KISSHOLIC | Trans (ch-en) Tokkiboy
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aaaw…both of them are cute!! ><

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Kibum are you sleepy?? LOL~ XD

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