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Wow… after seeing all the concert photos…

Here is another great video to start your day…keekee…

Hyun Joong and Eun Hye Basic House full making film is out ^^

We have already seen a short one… this is a more longer version.

Of course, our leader is handsome as usual.

Also, I find some HQ snapshots for this video clip


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This news actually talked about baby’s new event with the MBCgame SK Telecom crew.

I don’t have time to translate it … it is something about dancing to SS501 U R Man choreography ^^

Just want to share this lovely photo with you first

I will update the translation if I can find it…

The episodes will be air 17th ^^

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잠깐…!! (2010-02-12 오후 3:11:23 )

13일 오전 1시에 가오픈 예정이였던 로얄에비뉴가

잠시 뒤로 미뤄질 것 같습니다.

홈페이지관련 문제가 발생,

가오픈하면서 시범서비스를 해보려했지만,

뒤로 미뤄지게 된 점 고개숙여 사과드립니다. (–) (__)

정확한 날짜는 다시한번 글 올리도록 하겠습니당.

태국에서 멋진 콘서트 하고 돌아갈께요~!



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Wait …!! (3:11:23 PM 2010-02-12)

Royal Avenue was scheduled for the opening at 1am on the 13th.

Seems need to be delayed for a while back.

Website related problems,

To try to open the trial, but

we apologize the point that came to be delayed behind the hole

Would post the exact date once again to raise per setup instructions.

I need to go back and have a great concert in Thailand!

Well ..!


Jung Min don’t need to apologize for anything ^^

We understand it is not your fault at all…

Just concentrate and enjoy your trip…

Of course, have a great performance in Concert ..kekeke

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Found these info. in another SS501 blog.

Since she got a friend in Thailand, there will be more updated live news.

I will just try to repost it asap for your info.

Live update from Bangkok Airport by Mel.

Saturday, 2010.02.12

Afternoon schedule
4pm Press registration for the Press Conference
5pm Press Conference start
4pm queue start for ’Meet & Greet’
5.30pm ‘Endless Melody Photobook Fansign’

The timing might be pushed back.

12.39pm Currently there are about 60 fans waiting at the press conference area under the hot sun.

Temperature at BKK now is 28 degree and cloudy! Some fans saw banner from Philippines.

Photo of Press Conference Location (Thank you 圆圆동생)

Friday, 2010.02.11

11.19pm SS501 flight has just landed at Bangkok Airport!

11.36pm Heard from Mel they will be going through the VIP exit.

Mel saw SS501 stylist exiting and some DSP staff. They will need about 45min travelling time to reach the hotel


11.43pm SS501 left airport in a van. Some fans saw Jung Min and Leader leaving via the van

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mengikuti apa yang dilakukan Kim Bum menjadi karakter playboy di drama ‘The Woman who still wants to marry’, Kim Bum secara mengejutkan mengubah warna rambut nya.

ebagai seorang musisi yang romantis, alur spoiler nya spt ini Kim Bum sebagai Ha Min Jae mentertawakan Lee Sin Young(Park Jin Hee) yang punya 1 rambut uban di kepala nya, karena ditertawakan Lee Sin Young
sedih. merasa bersalah, dihari berikut nya, Ha Min Jae merubah warna rambut nya
menjadi spt rambut uban semua nya.

staf drama pun berkomentar ‘Kim Bum spt karakter anime’, 7 jam untuk membuat warna rambut nya berubah, Kim Bum mengatakan ’saya belum pernah merubah warna rambut seperti ini, agak sedikit
aneh akan tetapi ternyata segar dan punya perasaan baru. ini adalah betapa
besar cinta Min Jae kepada Sin Young dengan cara merubah warna rambut nya’.
rambut baru Kim Bum ini akan diperlihatkan di episode 8, yang tayang pada 11 Februari
malam nanti.
Sumber :…

Ternyata iklannya udah keluar sekarang dan ga ada adegan ciumannya. Jadi semua minoz bisa lega deh ^_^

sumber: minozvn + catmom@daum, minoz-indonesia

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harga: ₩ 4900 ( kurang lebih Rp. 490.000,- )

Points: 49 (for sendmall only)

Product Code: 200,682

Manufacturer: Send4U

ongkos pengiriman : 2500 (₩ 30,000 or more purchase FREE) untuk pengiriman wilayah korea

mulai pengiriman: 16 februari 2010

(New Year’s Day deliveries may be delayed due to holidays.)

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[Fancam][2010.02.11] Hyun Joong & Jung Min @ Incheon Airport departure to Bangkok

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ini adalah beberapa gambar SS501 yang berhasil diambil saat mereka akan berangkat dari bandara INCHEON menuju Bangkok pada tanggal 10 februari 2010 kemarin

oh iya yang pake topi kotak- kotak itu LEADER LHO………….KIM HYUN JOONG……………………….

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