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Finally, the Eng sub is out for this interview…

I posted my translation before but better to see the sub version, right?

hehe… here you go ^^


annyoung^^~ saiah comeback again… ni ada foto”a kibum ama baby joon makan breng^^~ hoho.. yg nma’a brothers.. psti sllu together yakkk ><…. CEK IT OUT~

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BONUS n.n….

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Apparently, it is was just a little news piece about how the boys love playing Nintendo DS during times when they are free. It mentioned that Dongho is usually the one who likes playing games but now the rest have grown a liking to it as well. ^^


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U-KISS’s Kevin who appeared with full charisma during ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ & ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, has surprised the audiences by showing his ‘prettier than girl’ image.

U-KISS’s Kevin yg mncul dgn pnuh karisma slama ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ & ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, mmbuat kjutan dgn mnunjukkan bhwa dia ‘Lebih Cantik drpda Wanita’.

Kevin appeared on the latest episode of Star King’s ‘Find the real beauty’ corner. He appeared with a long-waved hairstyle and make up on stage.

Kevin mncul di episode baru Star King’s ‘Find the real beauty’. Dia mncul dgn sbuah gaya rmbut mlambai pnjang dan make up dipnggung.

Kevin dressed up as a girl appearance has left the Star King MC Kang Ho Dong and the other panels in surprised. However, Jessica was suspicious of the ‘girl’ Kevin. Then, MC Kang Ho Dong suddenly went up to Kevin and pretended to kick him, which leads to Kevin, out of surprised, throwing out his ‘Ack’ voice.

Kevin brpakaian sperti seorang gadis yg tlah mninggalkn MC Star King Kang Ho Dong dan pra bintang tamu yg lainnya dgn kjutan. Ttapi, Jessica curiga pda ‘gadis’ Kevin. Lalu, MC Kang Ho Dong tba-tba mndtgi Kevin dan pura-pura mnendangnya, dan mmbuat Kevin mngeluarkan suara ‘Akh’.

Wearing the female outfit, he then danced to ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ and received an applause from the audiences. Kevin explained “Star King’s writer asked me to do this. Nuna, am I that easy?”

Mngenakan pakaian perempuan, ia kmudian mnari tarian ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ dan mndpt aplaus dr pra pnonton. Kevin mnjlaskan “Pnulis Star King brtnya pdaku utk mlakukan ini. Nuna, apa aku bgitu mudah?”

After the broadcast, ‘Star King’ and ‘Kevin’ were upped to #10 on various portal sites, showing that the reactions from viewers were hot.

Stelah dr broadcast, ‘Star King’ dan ‘Kevin’ lgsg mnjdi top #10 dbrbgai stus portal, ini mnunjukkan reaksi nonton yg panas.

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U-KISS’s Soohyun talked about his sadness over Beast’s Yoon Doojoon.

U-KISS’s Soohyun mmbicarakan ttg ksedihannya ats Beast’s Yoon Doojoon.

On the March 13th of the broadcasting of KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’, Soohyun said “Yoon Doojoon has the passion for variety programs.”

Pda tgl 13 maret broadcasting dr KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell”, Soohyun mngatakan “Yoon Doojoon mmiliki smngat utk brbagi program hiburan.”

He then added “Doojoon often appeared on ‘Star Golden Bell’ so I went to his waiting room to greet him, but he looked at me lightly”, revealing the cold side of Yoon Doojoon.

Dia lalu mnambhkan “Doojoon sring mncul di ‘Star Golden Bell’ jdi aku sangat ingin brtemu dgnnya druang tunggu, tpi dia mntapku enteng”, mnguak sisi dingin dr Yoon Doojoon.

Soohyun continued “Inside the waiting room, I asked him ‘Is it okay if I do this’ and he answered back “Well, that’s for you to figure it out’”

Soohyun mnlanutkan “saat druang tunggu, aku brtnya pdanya ‘bolehkah aku mlakukan ini’ dan ia mnjwb “Yah, itu utkmu agr kau mngtahuinya”

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon added “Yoon Doojoon has changed. Even his voice tone changed when he talked to me (low-pitched).”

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon mnambhkan “Yoon Doojoon tlah brubah. Bhkan saat dia brbcra pdaku nada suaranya jg brubah (nada rendah).”

The man in questioned, Yoon Doojoon, reacted back and joked around after hearing this by saying “A hunt for a witch has started. They did this because they feel inferior.”

Pria itu dtnya, Yoon Doojoon, braksi kmbli dan brcnda stlah mndgr hal ini llu mngatakan “Sbuah prbruan penyihir tlah dmulai, mrk mlakukan ini krna mrk mrsa rndah diri.”

The guests on this episode of ‘Star Golden Bell’ were SG Wannabe’s Lee Seokhun and Kim Yongjun’ Beast’s Yoon Doojoon, Hwang Inyoung, Choi Eunju, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon’ U-KISS’s Soohyun, F.Cuz Jinon and Lee U, Lee Bumhak, Kim Taehyeon, Jung Juri, Heo Gyeong Hwan etc.

Bintang tamu yg hadir di episode ‘Star Golden Bell’ adlh SG Wannabe’s Lee Seokhun dan Kim Yongjun, Beast’s Yoon Doojoon, Hwang Inyoung, Choi Eunju, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, U-KISS’s Soohyun, F.Cuz’s Jinon dan Lee U, Lee Bumhak, Kim Taehyeon, Jung Juri, Heo Gyeong Hwan dll.

credits: tvdaily (news) + chunniejess (video) + (eng trans) + ROCKTBOXX.NET + Evie @ AAU Blog (indo trans)

annyoung~ ada video bru neehh… sumpah ini video~ bner” dah ><… ngaco bin ajib….

si kevin cantik bgt~ dia jdi jessica (snsd) dsni ^^~ bner” cantik gilaaaa~ dia bner” mamih saiah yg cntik xD!!! mw liat ???


part 1

part 2

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annyoung^^~ evie back again….. bwa 2 video bru nih… 1 performance mrk hri ini + 1 video ttg ukiss yg hdir dstar king kmren…

wahaaaaa~ enjoy yah :D


U-Kiss – “Bingeul Bingeul”

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100306 U-Kiss @ Star King

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Thanks my blog visitor for the tip ^_^

I always welcome any tips or info of our lovely boys..keke

Do you remember I posted baby’s official photo from MBCgame website on last episode?

There is one that Baby Jun was helping his teammate and friend Shark to change his fall outfit ^_^

He turned him from a bad boy look into a rich master look…kekeke

Here from Shark’s cyworld… he posted another two photos of this shopping moment

Still think Shark is not very suitable for rich man look…haha

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