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Here come CEO sexy charisma Jung Min ^^

Today~!!! @ 2010-06-11, 10:23:03 PM

Our TripleS made the Number 1~!!


We didn’t get first because we did well, it was because of our Triples’ hard efforts that made us get Number 1,
and we know that all!!

Which is why, we’re even more more more very very very very thankful!!

But though I feel very happy, what’s this heavy-hearted feeling pounding inside the heart?^^;;

Why like that~~

Eiyee~ Gotta go to sleep early!!

There’s another stage tomorrow…

Thought of that all of a sudden while already falling asleep so I came to leave this message..!

Everyone, goodnight…^^


Credit: 중독@HSSCANDAL
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WOW… perfect and cute…

This is a set of super nice SS501 mini-model key chain made by Korean TS…

All our boys’ model are wearing the costume at Persona Asia Tour

I want it … I want it… I want it… haha

If she can make large quantities… I think many TS will order this cute key chain…

I love them so much… keke…

Maybe I can order from this TS… ahah…dreaming again