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This is Jung Min..^^ (2010-07-03 PM 1:51:49)

Hello? This is SS501 Jung Min.

I tried to write more often, writing the message then erase, write, erase…

and Finally I am here until today!!

Now is the mystery of the moment what if my article was doing harm to members, Gosh… have thought

I thought that a talk will does good anyway so I am writing today


SS501 album activities had completed since Taiwan’s Golden Music .

Really many people coming.

From Taiwan, in Hong Kong, in Japan, ~ And in China ~ ~ We Triple S lead!!

I wish we have five people on stage… As thought.

Thank you again for coming to cheer for me!

(First, I wanted to thank you myself.)

Conclusions from the truth is,

As member of SS501 All the member’s contract

Now the company of course, as well as having a proposal offers from large company abroad was true, but all misfired.

And I am not yet in any state enter into any contract

Proposed in many places, but still did not answer.

I’ll answer after consulted with the members… now is not the state to answer

will inform everybody in a proper form if makes a contract.

(Now, before entering into a contract are still all managed by the DSP ..!)

Well … We also have a meeting after this activity was completed

By each member, were also interviewed with teacher’s wife. (DSP president’s wife)

although 5 people are more a little had a conversation .!

To be possible enough and do which must do.

Of course, now that’s one’s attitude become a personal matter,

but will not become the thing that incorrect prior to the ongoing activity of SS501, of S501 album and concert update etc.

Talk about the activity.

As for singer characteristic only event … No thank you!!!


Wanting to write more, but … to fold once

Actually, late to sleep and I’m wake from surprise wave .. ㅠㅠ

The members must be surprised, to try telephone but the phone can not go through ~~!

Inside however let’s continue the meeting ~meet~~ to be like that,

When we got some sad news .. for the time like this .. is full of apologies. ..ㅠㅠ

Ah! And says the homepage will continuously being opened also in the future,

Here is continuously be the possibility you’re going to see ^^

I will come to write frequently.!!


Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/
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So sweet Jung Min…

He must know that we are worry…

So he left a message after the news is out ^^

A very long one indeed…

Just give me some times to translate ^^


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OK… another news surfaced…

Seems like Jung Min only in the discussing stage with TW Sony… contract not signed yet…

Nowadays… news is getting more and more confused..

How can they post something not confirmed yet in News portal… TT

So please forget the post before…


Anyway, I think we need to wait for some more times for our boys’ further decision

Let’s be patient and hope for the best again ^^

BTW, Jung Min just left a message in DSP… sweet Min…

Message and translation will be up ^^


“The first agreement between members .. not interfere with SS501 activities to enter into a contract “

Group member of SS501 Park Jung Min has signed an exclusive contract with Sony Music Taiwan reported from Jung Min side representatives said to press “Not true”.

Jung Min side representatives conveyed in a telephone conversation with no cut news on the 3rd “Today reported about Jung Min’s one’s attitude as for the issue is not the fact.” and “Has a conversation about contract issue consultation with Taiwan Sony Music side is true but a formal contract was not signed yet.”

The official said “Priority issues to be ahead of the contract will be all agreement between the members” and “Cannot have the sufficient conversation with the members so far, specifically Hyung Joon’s closed dear brother, Mr. Park Yong-ha ssi had passed away so he is not in his mental state. Park Jung Min’s attitude of the issue will be determined after full consultation because this is the issue with the entire team SS501″

Following said “Especially album release or concerts issues, the issue of SS501′s continuous activities, etc. He must come to an agreement prior to an exclusive contract.” and “If after all the issues will be resolved to enter into the agreement, you’ll be formally notified after the contract”

SS501 in the past June the belonging exclusively contract with present agency DSP media expired. Leader Kim Hyun Joong makes a belonging exclusively contract with Key East which Bae Yong Joon is the major shareholder. Remaining members, including Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun still in a state which did not decide one’s attitude.

SS501 Park JungMin is said to have signed up with Taiwan Sony Music.

An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.”

It seems that currently Park JungMin is looking at activities in the Chinese entertainment market with the move to sign with Taiwan Sony Music. With news that Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong will be doing their solo activities, there are great interests as to the future plans for the rest of the members Heo YongSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJoon.

Meanwhile, on SBS Music High radio show, Kim HyungJoon who is the DJ on the show said, “In the future, I will continue DJ-ing”.


Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/
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Here come CEO sexy charisma Jung Min ^^

Today~!!! @ 2010-06-11, 10:23:03 PM

Our TripleS made the Number 1~!!


We didn’t get first because we did well, it was because of our Triples’ hard efforts that made us get Number 1,
and we know that all!!

Which is why, we’re even more more more very very very very thankful!!

But though I feel very happy, what’s this heavy-hearted feeling pounding inside the heart?^^;;

Why like that~~

Eiyee~ Gotta go to sleep early!!

There’s another stage tomorrow…

Thought of that all of a sudden while already falling asleep so I came to leave this message..!

Everyone, goodnight…^^

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Original Message:

잠깐…!! (2010-02-12 오후 3:11:23 )

13일 오전 1시에 가오픈 예정이였던 로얄에비뉴가

잠시 뒤로 미뤄질 것 같습니다.

홈페이지관련 문제가 발생,

가오픈하면서 시범서비스를 해보려했지만,

뒤로 미뤄지게 된 점 고개숙여 사과드립니다. (–) (__)

정확한 날짜는 다시한번 글 올리도록 하겠습니당.

태국에서 멋진 콘서트 하고 돌아갈께요~!



English Translation:

Wait …!! (3:11:23 PM 2010-02-12)

Royal Avenue was scheduled for the opening at 1am on the 13th.

Seems need to be delayed for a while back.

Website related problems,

To try to open the trial, but

we apologize the point that came to be delayed behind the hole

Would post the exact date once again to raise per setup instructions.

I need to go back and have a great concert in Thailand!

Well ..!


Jung Min don’t need to apologize for anything ^^

We understand it is not your fault at all…

Just concentrate and enjoy your trip…

Of course, have a great performance in Concert ..kekeke

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Found these info. in another SS501 blog.

Since she got a friend in Thailand, there will be more updated live news.

I will just try to repost it asap for your info.

Live update from Bangkok Airport by Mel.

Saturday, 2010.02.12

Afternoon schedule
4pm Press registration for the Press Conference
5pm Press Conference start
4pm queue start for ’Meet & Greet’
5.30pm ‘Endless Melody Photobook Fansign’

The timing might be pushed back.

12.39pm Currently there are about 60 fans waiting at the press conference area under the hot sun.

Temperature at BKK now is 28 degree and cloudy! Some fans saw banner from Philippines.

Photo of Press Conference Location (Thank you 圆圆동생)

Friday, 2010.02.11

11.19pm SS501 flight has just landed at Bangkok Airport!

11.36pm Heard from Mel they will be going through the VIP exit.

Mel saw SS501 stylist exiting and some DSP staff. They will need about 45min travelling time to reach the hotel


11.43pm SS501 left airport in a van. Some fans saw Jung Min and Leader leaving via the van

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[Fancam][2010.02.11] Hyun Joong & Jung Min @ Incheon Airport departure to Bangkok

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ini adalah beberapa gambar SS501 yang berhasil diambil saat mereka akan berangkat dari bandara INCHEON menuju Bangkok pada tanggal 10 februari 2010 kemarin

oh iya yang pake topi kotak- kotak itu LEADER LHO………….KIM HYUN JOONG……………………….

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