U-kiss kevin tweeted a few hours ago, saying:

GOOD MORNING~ SELEMAT PAGI! ^^ Going to Malaysia for the first time today~ EXCITED! What are your favorite foods that U-Kiss should try? ^^

Alexander also tweeted right after Kevin saying,

alexander_0729 SELEMAT PAGI MALAYSIA!! Like @kevinwoo91 said, pls tell us wt food I MUST try for Xander’s food invasion~ LOL! try to describe it too~ THX!♥

What are you guys waiting for? Hurry tweet them and tell them what food is nice to eat in malaysia!

Alexander then tweeted again with the photo above saying:

HERE COMES U-KISS!! (Eli is sleeping at the back~) See y’all in a while MALAYSIA!! (/^o^)/

The boys do know how to do fan service huh? haha, its a nice group picture.

Reported by Ting18♥@dailykpopnews
Source: Xander and kevin’s twitter


UKISS should come to Indonesia!!  Malaysia is very close to Indonesia..TT___TT

Indonesia also has many kinds of food…><