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Found these info. in another SS501 blog.

Since she got a friend in Thailand, there will be more updated live news.

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Live update from Bangkok Airport by Mel.

Saturday, 2010.02.12

Afternoon schedule
4pm Press registration for the Press Conference
5pm Press Conference start
4pm queue start for ’Meet & Greet’
5.30pm ‘Endless Melody Photobook Fansign’

The timing might be pushed back.

12.39pm Currently there are about 60 fans waiting at the press conference area under the hot sun.

Temperature at BKK now is 28 degree and cloudy! Some fans saw banner from Philippines.

Photo of Press Conference Location (Thank you 圆圆동생)

Friday, 2010.02.11

11.19pm SS501 flight has just landed at Bangkok Airport!

11.36pm Heard from Mel they will be going through the VIP exit.

Mel saw SS501 stylist exiting and some DSP staff. They will need about 45min travelling time to reach the hotel


11.43pm SS501 left airport in a van. Some fans saw Jung Min and Leader leaving via the van

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