Nickname: Sexy Boy, Guljo (Walking sculpture…given by fans..keke), dog and cow (given by Park Jung Min)
Position: Middle-low vocals
Birthday: 6/6/1986
Birhtplace: Seoul
Height/Weight: 180 cm/68 kg
Blood Type: B
Group’s role: Leader^^
School: HanYang GongUp High School/Kyunghee Cyber University (Digital Music)
Hobbies/Interests: Swimming, Health, Basketball, Soccer
Good at: Guitar, Piano, Dancing
Motto: Life is something you only get one chance in….!

Random fact: Kim HyunJoong, the team leader, was someone that clearly stood out and was hand-picked by the casting director. He used to ran away from home because his father (who cannot stand that his son pays more attention to guitar) broke his guitar and worked at construction site. He quit school & came back after a year later to finish school (taken from YaShimManMan). Appeared in Shai MV ‘She Laughed’ with KyuJong. Mc at MBC music Core with Brian (Fly to the Sky). Acted in KBS Sitcom ‘Can Love Be Refilled’ and also as a special guest in Nonstop5 (MBC) episode 208. Recently, he played the role of Yoon Ji Hoo in the hit drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, the Korean version of ‘Hana Yori Dango’.

Recognitions: The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Male) Boys Before Flowers (2009), Best Couple Award on MBC’s “We Got Married” with Hwang Bo (MBC Awards, December 28, 2008)


Nickname: Chic Boy, Otter (Given By JungMin)
Position: High vocals
Birthday: 11/3/1986
Birthplace: Seoul
Height/Weight: 178 cm/63 kg
Blood Type: O
Group’s role: Shy prince^^
School: HyunDae Info-Tech High School Graduate/Kyunghee Cyber University (IT)
Hobbies/Interests: Games, Basketball, Listening to Music, Piano
Good at: Piano, Games
Motto: I will advance earnestly and do my best, without looking back

Random fact: The second member chosen was Heo YoungSaeng. Used to be trainee under SM Entertainment & was DBSK’s JaeJoong roommate before quitting SME. He auditioned for DSP and got chosen. He is a good friend of DBSK’s JaeJoong. YoungSaeng used to be permanent guess DJ at ‘SBS Power FM SS501’s and YoungStreet’ alongside JungMin and KyuJong (June-August 2006). He is part of SS501 unit group alongside KyuJong and HyuungJoon, releasing their project album entitled ‘UR Man’.


Nickname: Dandy Boy, Diligent Boy, Baby Gorilla, Praying Mantis (Given by JungMin)
Position: Middle vocals
Birthday: 2/24/1987
Birthpace: Busan
Height/Weight: 181 cm/65 kg
Blood Type: A
Group’s role: Center man^^
School: ChonBuk SahDaeBoo High School Graduate/JunBook Private University/BaekJae University of Arts (Department of Applied Music)/Kyunghee Cyber University (Chinese Study)
Things good at: Magic
Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, Basketball, Reading, Magic
Motto: Don’t regret and keep challenging yourself!

Random fact: Kim KyuJong, the third member to be chosen, was picked through a contest that DSP put on. He got through all the though competition and was later chosen for the group. He wae nearly dropped out from the group at the beginning of his career. KyuJong used to be DJ at YoungStreet radio with JungMin. He was also acted in 2Shai’s MV ‘She Laughed’ with HyunJoong & in Mnet Drama ‘Break’ and DJ at ‘SBS Power FM SS501’s and YoungStreet’ with JungMin (June-Early 2007)


Nickname: Sharp Boy, Horse (Mal)
Position: Low vocals
Birthday: 4/3/1987
Birthplace: Seoul
Height/Weight: 181 cm/67 kg
Blood Type: O
Group’s role: Sexy Charisma^^
School: Kyonggi University, College of Arts, Division of Interactive Multimedia Arts (Major In Acting)/Senior High School attached to DanKook University/BooSok High School
Hobbies/Interests: Writing songs, tap dance, climbing
Good at: Tap dancing, Climbing
Motto: Always live with gratitude.

Random fact: Fourth SS501 member. He was chosen through the audition as well, but his career as a VJ was something that gave him a lot of points for the judges to view him favorably upon. JungMin was MTV Fresh VJ (March-Nov 2003) as well as DJ at ‘SBS Power FM SS501’s and YoungStreet’ with KyuJong(June-August 2006), MC for ‘MBC Exclamation Mark 74434’ and ‘KBS Safety Escape No.1’. Recent;y, he participated in the ‘Grease’ musical.


Nickname: Cute Boy, Humble Boy, Soft-Neck Turtle
Position: Middle-high vocals
Birthday: 8/3/1987
Birthplace: Seoul
Height/Weight: 180 cm/68 kg
Blood Type: O
Group’s role: Magnae^^
School: Kyonggi University, College of Arts, Division of Interactive Multimedia Arts (Major In Acting)/Senior High School attached to DanKook University/BooSok High School/Kyunghee Cyber University (IT)
Things good at: Swimming, Dancing
Hobbies/Interests: Writing songs, Swimming, Dance, Listening to music
Motto: Keep on walking…

Random fact: Was the first member to be chosen before anyone else. Therefore, he has the longest amount of official training. Appeared in Ock Ju Hyun “Catch” MV and MC for ‘Mnet Hello Chat’. His younger brother, Kim Ki Bum was in the group Xing before leaving that group. He was one of the member in SS501 unit group, releasing their album entitled “UR Man”. Recently, he release a digital single entitled ‘Mars Men, Venus Women’.

Credits : DSP Entertainment + Soompi/SS501 + Amped/SS501 + wikipedia/SS501 + Hidden SkyLight + World Star 501